10 Minutes to Your Best Self

Guided Self-Care for Daily Calm. Discover calm, clarity, and joy with personalized audio sessions designed for your busy life.

Self-Care Healing Inner Self Confidence Growth Mindset Journey

Why Choose Sora?

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Sora is your daily dose of calm. In just 10 minutes, you’ll feel happier, more relaxed, and ready for anything. Improve your sleep, focus better, and build a positive outlook. Our personalized sessions are made for your unique needs and goals.


Guided Reflection

Calm your mind, connect with your breath, and find inner peace.


Affirmations & Visualization

Reprogram your thoughts, boost your confidence, and manifest your dreams.


Relaxation Techniques

Release tension, unwind, and prepare for restful sleep.

Your Personal Ritual

Your self-care journey is unique. With Sora, you’re not just following someone else’s path – you’re creating a personal ritual that fits your life. Discover the practices that resonate with you most, and build a routine that brings you joy, peace, and renewal every single day.