The Aries Lover

Aries people are passionate about everything they do, and love is no exception. They rush in, eager to give everything they’ve got to their partner. The problem is, sometimes it feels like that energy isn’t always directed at you, but rather towards a perfect version of love that only exists in their head. Aries can put you on a pedestal, and that can be a lot of pressure because you’ll always be worried about falling off.

What They're Great At

Aries lovers are dedicated, intense, and passionate. When they say they’ll do something, consider it done, especially when it comes to romance.

Things to Watch Out For

Aries people have very high expectations, and might not be the most realistic partners. They can get demanding, and may not see you for who you truly are. This isn’t because they’re bad people, but because they’re often caught up in the fairytale they’ve created around love.

Their Style in Love

Aries partners tend to be positive, and they always want to make things work. They believe in love, and they believe in you (sometimes a little too much).

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How You Might Meet

If an Aries is interested, you’ll know. They aren’t afraid to make the first move, and if their current relationship isn’t working out, you might just be the change they’re looking for. Be prepared – sparks will fly, and it’ll happen fast.

Where Your Relationship Might Happen

Aries folks might be tied down with someone else when you meet. That means early on, your romance might be conducted mainly at your place. This can be an exciting secret for a while, but think hard about whether you’re okay with that long-term.

Sex with an Aries

An Aries lover is focused and passionate in the bedroom. However, be aware that some of that focus might be fueled by anger at someone else, like an ex. Be honest with yourself about whether you want to be the target of those intense feelings, or whether you’d rather be loved for who you are.

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Keeping Your Aries Lover Interested

Usually, this isn’t too hard because your Aries is likely to be totally into you. However, if you want a long-term thing, avoid getting into arguments about their past or their other partners. At the same time, don’t let your Aries walk all over you. You deserve to feel respected, so set some boundaries.

Having Fun

A night out on the town is perfect for an Aries! They also like cozy nights in, but avoid letting yourself get too isolated as their partner.

Breaking Up

This will be tough for your Aries. They’ll resist with everything they’ve got and might not handle the rejection well. Once you’ve made your decision, stand by it firmly. Don’t meet up in person, and try to communicate kindly but decisively.

Love Guide: Aries

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