Dating Cancer

Cancers are deeply emotional creatures, and they take relationships very seriously.  While they can enjoy a casual flirt or a fun fling, if a Cancer starts getting truly invested in you, take it seriously. This isn’t a game for them. Cancers can be a bit guarded in the early stages of getting to know someone, but they won’t leave you guessing about their feelings for long. You’ll always know if a Cancer is genuinely into you – and honestly, if they’re really into you, they might be a little hard to shake loose.


  • Demonstrative: Cancers show their affection, and they aren’t afraid to shower you with love and attention if they have strong feelings.
  • Feeling: Deeply intuitive and empathetic, a Cancer will genuinely care about your emotions and be your shoulder to cry on.
  • Loving: This is a nurturing sign, and when a Cancer is in love, they’ll be devoted to making you feel safe and secure.


  • Possessive: Cancers need to feel secure, and sometimes this can lead to a bit of jealousy or wanting to know where you are all the time.
  • Clinging: Sometimes a Cancer’s need for affection can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re someone who needs more space.
  • Pretending: Early on, Cancers can try to hide their true feelings through a bit of aloofness as a self-protection mechanism.

Getting to Know a Cancer

These sensitive souls are subtle creatures. They’re watchful, always assessing if the environment and the people around them feel safe. When you’re getting to know a Cancer, pay close attention to their reactions – they’re always silently evaluating what’s happening around them.

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How to Woo a Cancer

Cancers want to feel wanted. They like being pursued, especially if they secretly like you back. They rarely take the lead, so be prepared to put in a bit of initial effort.  The key with a Cancer is to be subtly persistent.  The catch here is that  Cancers are incredibly particular about their tastes, which can make it a bit challenging to gauge where you stand with them.  You might get the impression they’re a bit unsure of how they feel at the beginning, but don’t despair. They just need processing time. Easily disappointed, Cancers also tend to lack a bit of initial self-confidence, even though they possess a strong sense of what they do and don’t like.

Planning that Cancer First Date

Here’s a tip: Do your homework first! If possible, find out what kind of music, restaurants, or events they enjoy and lean towards that for a date idea. Taking a Cancer somewhere you like is a gamble, so try to cater to their interests. If you insist on showing them one of your favorite haunts, be prepared for the possibility of them hating it (and potentially the whole date going sour). When in doubt, a home-cooked meal and a cozy night in is always a winning strategy with a Cancer.

What Turns a Cancer On…and Off

Likes and dislikes are intense for a Cancer.  The golden rule is simple: Figure out what they DO like, and lean into that.  Observe what they seem to dislike, and avoid those topics or activities at all costs. Don’t get into debates or try to change their minds – a Cancer will respect you more if you honor their preferences, even if you don’t understand them.  It’s about making them feel understood. Once trust is established, you can start exploring deeper layers together.


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Time to Make a Move?

With a Cancer, it’s usually best to let the situation unfold. These folks are all about the subtleties of emotion and energy exchange.  They have invisible antennae constantly seeking out your intentions; they’ll know what you’re about before you even do! Your job is to observe carefully, paying close attention to their signals. By date two or three, you should have a sense of how far they’ll let you go with physical touch.

Impress Your Cancer Date

Cancers are most impressed with genuine empathy and sensitivity to their needs. Bragging, trying to show off, or putting on a performance will likely fall flat.  Cancers love the process of discovery; they want to uncover layers of you all on their own. If you make some kind of social faux pas,  they’re also likely to comment on it – not to critique, but simply because they’re wired to notice these things.  Unless they’re completely head-over-heels for you, a truly bad misstep might cost you a second date.

Brushing Off a Cancer

If they’re not head over heels, a Cancer can be easily scared off by a harsh word or a cold glance. However, if a Cancer is genuinely into you…good luck getting rid of them! They’ll ignore all the hints and might even read your negativity as a secret sign of interest.  Cancers set elaborate emotional traps, and once you’re in their sights, they can be surprisingly difficult to untangle yourself from.

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