What Does Your Life Look Like One Year From Today?

Pause for a moment. I want you to reflect on your life one year ago, and compare it to right now.

  • Is your life more fulfilling today than it was a year ago? Have you accomplished everything you wanted to?
  • Did you follow your passion and creativity? Did you pursue your dream job?
  • Did you start that new relationship? Did you refuse to let fear stop you from doing what you really wanted?
  • Are your talents being recognized? Are you getting the rewards for your hard work?

    Most importantly, are you happy with the direction your life is taking?

    If you answered “no” too many times, then maybe it’s time for a change.

Aligning Our Inner Selves

Have you had one of those amazing days where everything just goes right? You feel smart, confident, and ready to chase your biggest dreams. It’s like you’re glowing, and everyone around you notices it too. They see a side of you that’s full of transformative energy and wonder where you’ve been hiding this awesome version of yourself.

How can we have more of these awesome days, instead of just coasting through life?

The secret is about finding alignment between our inner selves and our outward expressions. When you feel great both inside and out, there’s no conflict. You embrace everything about yourself—your talents, your identity, and even the parts you’re not too fond of. When this happens, you are “in the zone”.

But finding this balance is hard. We’re complex, mortal creatures and our parts of us are constantly changing. Just like the stars, we channel the essence of the lover, the healer, and the warrior –
sometimes all at once. 

And contrary to popular belief,
you don’t naturally get better at this with age…

How many “man child” do you know in your life? How about someone you know from your past, who seems to have everything figured out at a young age?

The fact is, gaining mastery of ourselves doesn’t come from aging. It’s from deeply reflecting on our experiences. That’s how we get to know and control the different aspects of ourselves.

But life doesn’t give us do-overs. We can’t go back and make different choices to see what might have been.

Dwelling on the “what ifs” and fantasizing about “what could have been” don’t change our current reality. And while others mean well with their advice, it might not always be right for us since everyone’s life is different.

So, what can we do? This is where astrology comes in, it’s a systematic approach for us to understand and better control our own lives.
While we still have to put in effort, it’s comforting to know that people have been doing so for thousands of years.

We can use the knowledge passed down from our ancestors as a shortcut to help us deal with daily life, find opportunities we might not see, and handle difficult situations, just like millions have before us.

Aspects of Your Eidos

Change is a part of life. Our fear does not come from change itself, but from its uncertainty and not knowing how to deal with it.

What incredible things would you be able to accomplish if you have a compass that tell you how to navigate the ebbs and flows of life?

Over 2,300 years ago, Plato asked the same question.

Plato believed that while astrological charts hint at what influences us, they’re too isolated and does not take our personal manifestations into account.
To truly understand our unique story, we need to connect the dots from our past and see our unique story. He called this collection of our essence, Eidos, also known as our unique astrological identity. 

When you find the perfect balance within yourself that fits a particular moment, you’ll feel unstoppable,
like you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, doing exactly what you’re meant to do. This amazing feeling is what we call being ‘in the zone.’

And this idea wasn’t just something unique to Plato. Similar ideas exist in Buddhism (known as Sunyata) and Zen (called Kong or Kuu).
Across time and space, different people from different places have all been thinking about the same thing. Even though they took different paths, humanity always strived to discover similar truths.

What is the difference between a birth chart and Eidos?

Think of your birth chart as a paper map, while mastery over your Eidos is like using Google Maps in real-time: it not only shows the map but also listens to your input, and guide you toward the right path. This way, you can dodge traffic jams and reach your destination in the easiest way possible.

By understanding your Eidos, you’ll understand
why you struggled in the past and how to overcome similar challenges in the future. You’ll uncover your hidden strengths and talents, that can improve your relationships, boost your career, and set you on a new, exciting path.

You’ll find out how to bring more love, health, and success into your life – and learn who to steer clear of to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Fewer unexpected setbacks or missed opportunities…

By interpreting your Eidos with the precise movements of the planets and stars,
you unlock the ability to shape your own future.

You Have a Choice to Make

From the moment you start exploring your Eidos, you will start to “connect the dots” on your past and things you’ve noticed before, but never quite understood – and use that knowledge to get a little wiser everyday and stay one step ahead of your current self.

While astrology can point you in the right direction, reaching your goals requires your involvement. Some challenges are unavoidable and must be faced directly.

But by consistently reflecting and applying what you learn to your daily life, you can move forward with confidence.

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Peace of Mind for 365 Days

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What others are saying

Don't just take our word for it 😉

Sora's reading brought me a lot of comfort due to how much it resonated. She broke it down in a digestible way. A few of the things she said gave me a sense of peace around why I do certain things. Very grateful that I decided to splurge on a reading for myself 🙂


I really liked the Eidos reading that I received. I reached out for a reading in a moment that I was feeling quite lost and Sora helped me to reinforce some info that I already knew and to bring more clarity on other elements. Also adding some very interesting points about what I can expect in the coming year. Thank you very much again Sora for your help – I look forward to the next reading!


Oh my goodness, what a beautiful reading I received from Sora. A very beautiful and intuitive reading. I cried the first time, and I get goose bumps each time I read it. It gave me some real insight to my soul purpose, and has given me a lot of food for thought with my career path. Thank you so much for this wonderful blessing


This astrology reading was soo good. I enjoyed every bit of it. If you are interested in astrology, I would highly recommend it. It really gave me insights to how I can gain the most of my chart. And a lot of information about the inner me, and why I might feel certain ways. Thank you Sora ❤️ Lots of love


I have received 2 astrology readings from Sora. Both readings were mind-blowing. It reinforced what I already felt and also gave me some additional insights to consider. She addressed all of my questions head on and really gave me some great advice on how to tackle my challenges in the past year.


I truly loved everything about my reading with Sora. This reading truly gave me the hope and confidence I’ve been needing to go into the new year. Thank you so much Sora for your beautiful reading and all the care, love and support you gave through it. Wishing you nothing but positivity and love!



We’ve painstakingly analyzed 300+ transits and put everything you need to know in your guidebooks. I am confident you will change your outlook on the world. 

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Are there people who will take advantage of this?

Yes, not everyone is as fortunate as we are. 

So why am I offering this?

Because even though we all have bits of darkness, I also believe in the goodness of people, and that goodness ultimately prevails.

Life’s tough, and we’re all walking our own paths. I want to take away all your worries, so you can concentrate on aligning with your true self.

It might seem hard to believe that the Universe can start working in your favor, but here’s the truth: every step you take shapes your future.

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And to show my gratitude for your trust, any extra readings you received are yours to keep.

So, you have a whole 30 days to explore your Eidos readings and find harmony with yourself and those around you, before making your final decision.

Life goes on, whether we are ready or not

We can choose to prepare for what’s coming or stay the same.

Facing the future is hard, especially when we don’t know what’s around the corner. But what I find even harder, is wondering what life could have been. 
I don’t want to live with regrets, my current pile is enough 🙂

Thank you for reading this far.

Whether we cross paths in the future, I hope you will start living by CHOICE, not by chance! Align the current you WITH your inner self, and rid of uncertainty and doubt.

Let’s connect our purpose with our most authentic self, and start living with inspired purpose.

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