Pisces as Lovers

Pisces, the dreamy fish of the zodiac, has a reputation for falling in love with love itself. They crave a transcendent connection, often mistaking intensity for the real thing. This can lead them down a path of heady infatuation followed by the inevitable crash when they realize their beloved human doesn’t live up to those impossible ideals.


  • Boundless Giving: Pisces lovers are incredibly generous with their hearts and affections. They adore showering their partners with heartfelt gestures and emotional support.
  • Deep Appreciation: Their sensitive nature means they notice and cherish the smallest of details. A Pisces lover is likely to express sincere gratitude for your efforts.
  • Emotionally Responsive: Pisces are incredibly tuned into their partner’s moods and needs. They prioritize creating a safe space for sharing feelings, good and bad.


  • The Suffering Martyr: Pisces can easily become absorbed by their partner’s problems or perceived shortcomings. They might take on the role of savior, sacrificing their own wellbeing.
  • Narcissistic Tendencies: When disillusionment sets in, Pisces can get caught up in their own hurt. This sometimes leads to focusing inward, prioritizing their own emotional pain over truly addressing the situation.
  • Lost in Delusion: Their craving for a soulmate-level connection can lead a Pisces to put their partner on a pedestal, only seeing what they want to see.

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  • Enthralled: Pisces fall fast and hard. They are in a constant state of wonder and adoration, especially early in a relationship.
  • Tormented: Their idealistic notions of love clash with reality. This creates inner conflict, sometimes expressed in moodiness or a sense of emotional overwhelm.
  • Intense: A Pisces lover is all-in. They crave deep emotional intimacy and aren’t afraid to explore feelings, even the darker or messier ones.

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Meeting the Pisces Lover

Pisces, with their deep well of empathy, are drawn to those they perceive as needing their help. They find satisfaction in ‘rescuing’ others, sometimes neglecting their own needs in the process. This savior complex can be alluring at first, but it might lead to a relationship where both partners feel emotionally drained. For a Pisces lover to build healthy relationships, they must work on developing their own sense of self-worth outside of fixing others.

Location and the Pisces Lover

A private setting is essential for building intimacy with a Pisces. Their home often serves as a sanctuary, a safe space away from the world. If you’re seeking refuge in their space, understand that they might see this as an opening for a more permanent arrangement. Be mindful of this dynamic, as cohabitating can sometimes bring out new sets of challenges within the relationship.

Sex and the Pisces Lover

Sex with a Pisces can be incredibly passionate, especially if both partners are yearning for connection. This hunger fuels intense experiences but might also intensify a cycle of craving and temporary fulfillment.  The emotional rollercoaster of a love-addicted dynamic can be thrilling at first but ultimately becomes exhausting, particularly with a Pisces partner. If things start to feel overwhelming, it might be helpful to involve trusted friends or family for support, or seek external guidance.

Pisces are incredibly sensitive souls. It’s essential to remember that their desire to help comes from a genuine place. While their savior tendencies should be addressed, it’s important to approach this aspect of their personality with compassion and understanding.

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Holding On to the Pisces Lover

Maintaining a relationship with a Pisces can feel elusive. Their attraction to pain and suffering can create a dynamic where your own unhappiness becomes a prerequisite for the bond. This is an unhealthy pattern, and ‘holding on’ to your Pisces lover might mean perpetuating an unfulfilling cycle.

Entertaining the Pisces Lover

Pisces enjoy feeling appreciated, especially if it involves comparing them favorably to someone causing you distress. They might engage in lighthearted mocking of this third person. While this can initially feel like a bonding experience, it’s important to recognize that the relationship is being built on negativity. Healthier shared activities could simply be  enjoying a meal, watching a movie, or spending time with friends – though a Pisces might resist public outings due to unwarranted fears.

Breaking Up with the Pisces Lover

Ending a relationship with a Pisces lover often coincides with you being ready to prioritize your own wellbeing. This is a positive step for your own emotional health. Don’t worry about your Pisces ex; they’ll likely find another person in need. It’s time for you to seek a partner who supports you in a healthy, balanced way.

Love Guide: Pisces

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