The Pisces Ex

Pisces folks are the dreamers of the zodiac. They live in a world both real and imagined, deeply sensitive to the emotional tides that wash through them and everyone around them. If you’ve dated a Pisces, you know their hearts are huge and their feelings are boundless, for better or worse. A breakup with a Pisces is seldom simple.

It Takes Time

Pisces exes aren’t typically ones for dramatic returns or fiery texts declaring their undying love. Once they’ve made the decision to let go,  they generally stick with it, but getting to that point can be a slow process. It’s that in-between space, the murky waters just after the separation, that might throw you for a loop.


Changeable Tides

Pisces is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and that perfectly mirrors their inner world. They’re prone to changing their minds, not out of malice but because their feelings are like shifting ocean currents. One day they might seem sure, the next uncertain. This can be deeply unsettling for those left in their emotional wake.


  • Honesty: Pisces have a natural yearning for authenticity. While they sometimes struggle with clarity, they are rarely outright deceitful.
  • Intuitive: These folks pick up on subtle energies and moods, both their own and those of others.
  • Forgiving: Pisces hold a deep well of compassion and tend to give second (and third, and fourth) chances when hurt.


  • Difficulty with Decisions: Committing to a path and sticking with it can be a major challenge.
  • Easily Destabilized: Their sensitivity can be overwhelming and leave them feeling adrift, prone to withdrawing or acting out erratically.
  • Prone to Unhappiness: Pisces may struggle to find inner peace, and can fall into patterns of self-doubt and melancholy.

Interactive Style

  • Vague: Pisces are masters of indirect communication. You might leave conversations feeling like you missed something.
  • Uncertain: Be prepared for waffling or backtracking on promises. It’s less about ill intent, and more about them wrestling with their own inner conflicts.
  • Timid: Open confrontation isn’t their strong suit, especially when deep feelings are at play.

Remember, Pisces isn’t playing games with your heart even if it feels that way. They’re simply navigating the vast oceans of their emotions. If you want to work things out (or gain closure for your own sake), patience and gentle persistence will serve you better than trying to force their hand or issuing ultimatums.

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Friendship After the Breakup

Pisces are sentimental souls, and while they might not be opposed to a friendship down the line, it’s definitely not something to rush. They’re naturally sensitive, and a messy breakup can leave them deeply wary, even if they don’t show it openly. If you’re genuinely seeking a platonic connection, focus on actions rather than words. Show your ex, through consistent kindness and respect for their boundaries, that you still care.


Don’t expect your Pisces ex to initiate though. They might retreat, and that’s okay. For now, “a peaceful absence of drama” can be a sign of their healing process, even if it doesn’t feel that way for you.

The Question of Getting Back Together

Pisces hearts take time to mend. If you’re interested in reconciliation, prepare for an initial “no”. They might say they’re too hurt to even consider it, and that’s something to respect. Trying to force the issue will likely backfire.  They need space to sort through their feelings, and when emotions are raw, clear communication won’t always be possible.

Rehashing Past Hurts

Pisces folks feel things on a cosmic level, and old wounds can run deep. When they’re feeling the sting of a breakup, there might be a tendency to revisit every grievance. Listen, but remember, it’s not always about finding practical solutions. Sometimes, it’s simply that Pisces needs to be heard in their pain.

If the conversation turns accusatory, try a gentle but firm approach. Acknowledge their feelings (“I hear how much I hurt you”) but set a boundary around spiraling negativity (“This pattern isn’t helping either of us move forward”).

Showing Affection: Proceed with Caution

Pisces are naturally loving, and they often respond well to genuine affection. However, with an ex, the situation gets tricky. Trust is deeply wounded, and they might see any affectionate gesture from you with suspicion, wondering about your hidden agenda. While it may be tempting to express your care, it’s wiser to hold back at first. Focus on rebuilding a foundation of trust through reliability and respect over time. Only then will your affection be received in the spirit it’s intended.

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The Unpredictable Present

The day-to-day dynamic with a Pisces ex can be incredibly unpredictable. Their moods fluctuate, which makes any kind of firm agreement or consistent pattern nearly impossible. Be prepared for emotional swings and frequent changes of mind. It’s vital not to take things personally, as this is simply how they process emotional turmoil.  Refer back to any foundational documents you have (divorce agreement, etc.) to anchor yourselves when things get confusing.

Co-Parenting with a Pisces Ex

Pisces are intensely devoted to their children. Separation causes them deep pain, so if at all possible, shared custody can be a less disruptive option for everyone. Know that even with a fair agreement, emotional upsets might spill over into practical aspects of co-parenting. The children themselves can offer an element of stability and help ground their Pisces parent during difficult times.

Final Thoughts

  • Pisces exes need an immense amount of space to process their emotions. Avoid pressuring them into premature expressions of affection or rushed decision-making.
  • This is a journey that takes time. Be patient and focus on rebuilding trust before attempting anything that might re-open old wounds.
  • Your own emotional well-being matters. Set firm boundaries when needed, and don’t hesitate to seek support if you feel overwhelmed.

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