The Taurus Ex

If you’ve been in a relationship with a Taurus, you know they’re the epitome of loyalty and reliability. Even after a breakup, these qualities remain. Your Taurus ex will likely shoulder responsibilities diligently, especially where finances or children are involved. Even facing their own struggles, they’ll prioritize commitments  – or at the very least, they’ll make sure you’re aware if circumstances force them to fall short. If they chose to end the relationship, however, don’t expect more warmth than what’s legally or morally required. Taurus folks aren’t about theatrics, they just do what needs to be done.


This sign is known for reliability, a straightforward honesty, and a deep sensuality.  The downside to this? They can be a touch controlling and possessive, even after moving on. This doesn’t mean ill intent; rather, it’s like a muscle memory for caring that they struggle to switch off.

Friendship: Possible, But Expect a Taurus Blueprint

Staying friends with a Taurus ex is definitely possible. Just be prepared for them to lay out the framework of how that friendship will function. Their possessive tendencies may lead to them seeming pushy, but remember, it comes from that ingrained need to nurture. That said, they absolutely prefer peace and civility over drama, so they’ll work hard to keep things pleasant.

Should You Hope for Reconciliation?

The idea of getting back together might be tempting, but Taurus people rarely reopen that door once it’s shut. They’re not big on second chances. However, what IS possible is an entirely new kind of relationship. Think of it as a fresh start. The problems that plagued your original connection might simply dissolve over time.  This can lead to a more fulfilling bond than the first try.

Raking Over the Past: Futile and Frustrating

Don’t expect your Taurus ex to want extensive “what went wrong” discussions. They’ve already analyzed the breakup, and they’re focused on the here and now, not dissecting the past. They might indulge in some light reminiscing about the good times, looking at old photos, etc., but don’t push it further than that.

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Affection: It Changes, But Doesn't Die

Taurus people are wired for affection. That doesn’t completely vanish overnight, even with an ex. They’ll still appreciate a kind gesture or a warm word. Just understand that after a couple of years of healing, the emotional depth of that affection will inevitably shift. They’ll still be friendly, but it will be more like the warmth between old acquaintances than former lovers.

Understanding Your Current Dynamic

The beauty of a Taurus ex is that they won’t play games. They know exactly how they feel about the present dynamic between you two, and you’ll sense it instinctively. It’s counterproductive to try to analyze their emotions or convince them to feel differently. Trust their self-awareness – pushing that boundary only creates frustration.

Navigating Custody: Responsibility vs. Possessiveness

If a Taurus ex believes you’re an unfit parent, expect a fight for sole custody. This is where possessiveness can morph into protectiveness. On the flip side, they also understand that kids need both parents in most cases.  So, while you might endure some pushback initially, they’ll likely agree to shared custody arrangements. If you do have custody, be generous with their visitation time –  it’s best for the kids.

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