Dating Taurus

Taurus, the sign of the Bull, is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love, beauty, and possessions. Taurus partners are deeply sensual and loyal. They’re grounded in the here-and-now and prioritize practicality. While not the flashiest sign, they bring a steady, devoted presence to relationships.

Loving, But Possessive

A Taurus in love aims to surround you with affection and care. This often comes with a side of possessiveness; they want to have you all to themselves! It’s meant as a display of commitment, but might make you feel a little smothered if you’re someone who treasures independence. The key is communicating your need for space in a clear and non-accusatory way.

Forthright and Honest Communicator

Taureans are direct in communication. They won’t tiptoe around issues; their frankness can sometimes seem a bit blunt. However, this is balanced by an ability to listen. While they can be opinionated, they don’t rush to moral judgments. Their advice is likely to be based on pragmatism – if it works, it works! While they might be fixed in their ideas, respect their perspective and communicate your own clearly.

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Arguments? Avoid Them When Possible

This is the sign of stubbornness! It’s best to dodge head-to-head disagreements with your Taurus partner. Pushing back too hard will only make them dig their heels in deeper. If an argument is unavoidable, be prepared for the possibility of an explosive outburst. Remember, that bull-like temper rarely appears. Stay calm and collected, and consider postponing the conversation for a calmer moment.

Traveling with Taurus: Luxury and Luggage

Taurus might not be the most adventurous traveler, sometimes preferring the familiar comforts of home. But when they do venture out, they seek luxurious experiences and have a tendency to overpack. Plus, their love of shopping means that suitcase is likely coming back a lot heavier than it left. Be prepared to set spending limits before you head to the markets!

Taurus and Intimacy

Venus’s influence gives Taurus an earthy, sensual approach to intimacy. They’re straightforward about their desires and not afraid to initiate things. Sometimes, this can feel a little impersonal. Don’t hesitate to guide them towards a more emotionally intimate connection. If they care about you, they’ll want to meet you halfway.

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Affectionate, But Always a Hint of Ownership

When it comes to affection, Taurus is generous but can be a little overbearing, especially in public. Don’t take it personally, just gently set boundaries when needed. Remember, they’re not trying to control you; they just wear their heart on their sleeve.


A Down-to-Earth Sense of Humor

Taurus has a grounded sense of humor; they gravitate towards physical comedy or observational humor. They’re less likely to appreciate wordplay or satire. They are happiest when you make an effort to keep them in good spirits and avoid rocking the boat with unnecessary conflict.


While every Taurus has these hallmark traits, there’s always more to who they are! This profile is a starting point to understand Taurus energy, but their personality is also shaped by the rest of their birth chart.

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