Letter to a Stronger You

Look at how far you’ve come. Look at how much you’ve grown. If I don’t say it enough, I am so proud of you. If I don’t say it enough, I love you.

You have become so strong. You’ve learned to say “no” and you’ve learned when to walk away. Remember when you felt broken? It felt like life was over. It felt like your heart was shattered.

But you put yourself back together. You turned your pain into strength, and your sadness into joy.

Soften Your Edges

You, the one who always loved so deeply and with all your heart, the one who was always so gentle… you toughened up. You worked hard to make yourself unbreakable.

But you don’t have to be a fortress to be strong. You don’t have to build walls to feel safe. Open the windows and let the fresh air fill your lungs. Step outside, feel the earth beneath your bare feet, and remember what it’s like to plant seeds of love and watch them grow into something beautiful.

Nurture Your Garden

Water those flowers, my dear. Your garden will bloom in the sunshine.